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Neena Swim Fashion Show


NEENA SWIM 4K FASHION SHOW. Check out some of this year’s top swimwear fashion in this 2021 fashion runway show from Miami Beach. A new bathing suit and bikini collection modeled by the top models like Priscilla Ricart, Sierra Skye and Kelly Stewart. The fashion show was produced by PARAISO MIAMI BEACH during Miami Swim […]

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ZIMMERMANN Resort Collection 2022


A bold and colorful resort collection from Zimmermann.  This resort collection is joyful; it’s a “true resort collection” in its emphasis on beachy, warm weather clothes and travel.


Featured Model: KC The Model


Kiasha Clarke, also know as KC The Model, is a Tennessee-based model who just recently started her journey in the modeling industry but has certainly hit the ground running.  This curvy model who describes herself as “fearless” has already modeled for a number of local clothing brands and believes that the sky is the limit […]

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Finding Success As A Short Model


Model Aisha Potter shares her story on how she was able to model for major brands even though she is only 5’4″.  She gives some tips and tricks on how you can find similar success with your modeling journey.


7 Things Successful Models Have in Common


These days, models come in all shapes, sizes, heights, ethnicities, and ages. There are fashion models, runway models, commercial models, fitness models, and hand models. You can get scouted at an agency, at the mall, and even online. The modeling industry is more diverse than ever, and there’s obviously no one-size-fits-all formula for making it as […]


Featured Model: Destiny Cruzado


There are certain people that you know you’re going to like as soon as you meet them!  Maybe it’s their aura, or that ethereal thing we call their “energy”, maybe it’s the way they smile even when talking about the simplest things, or maybe they just have “it”.  “It” is that unmeasurable quality, that appeal […]

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Luli Fama Swimwear Fashion Show SS2021


Luli Fama Swimwear and  Resortwear Fashion Show SS2021 from Miami Swim Week 2020


How To Become A Catalog Model


Catalog modeling isn’t what it used to be. Thanks to a little something called the Internet, catalog models are more valuable than ever. They’re in shoppers’ mailboxes of course (print catalogs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon), but they’re also taking over the digital world. Mobile, desktop and everything in between—wherever the shoppers are, catalog models […]

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Nine Posing Tricks That Pro Models Use


Knowing how to pose well will help you look your best in photos and feel your best in life. There’s nothing more crushing than leaving the home, feeling amazing, only to have your photo taken and you look crazy! This usually happens if you don’t know how to pose and bring the best out of your […]

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Pitch Black Fashion Week 2020


2020 has been a tough year for the fashion industry all over the world.  The COVID-19 epidemic brought almost all fashion events to a halt or forced them to rely on virtual events, which was why we were excited when we heard that Pitch Black Fashion Week (PBFW) would be coming back to Georgia in […]

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Implied Nude Portraiture with Matt & Steph


Matt Granger and model Stephanie show you how shoot implied nude portraits that are classy, artistic, and safe for social media.

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ModelATL Boudoir Editorial: Sexy Is…


sex·y /ˈseksē/ – marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest The word “sexy” is probably one of the most overused words in the english dictionary because we as human being are obsessed with sex.  We use it to sell products, to entertain ourselves, to get likes on social media, and every now and then, […]

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