What is ModelATL/Hopojo?

If I could take all of my experiences in the fashion industry (as a model, stylist, and fashion buyer) and my crazy love for everything about modeling and just splatter it all across one site, this fashion blog would be the result.  I started the Hopojo Fashion Blog as a celebration of everything beautiful in the modeling and fashion industry and we have now merged with ModelATL to highlight the emerging fashion capital of Atlanta GA.  We highlight shows, events, models, and personalities in Atlanta and other fashion hotspots around the world and give you the tips, tricks and tools that will give you an advantage in the modeling industry!

Fashion Passion!

This site is all about passion!  Passion for everything fashion, passion for beauty, and just raw passion for everything about the modeling industry!  We update every week with new featured models, lookbooks from the worlds hottest designers, articles and advice from model industry insiders,  fashion shows from some of trendiest runways, and other haute stuff you’ll be talking about tomorrow.  Join our mailing list so you’ll be notified whenever we add new content.


If you ever have any questions, comments, suggestions, submissions, etc, I’m just one click away.

Ilsa Marcella White

Editor – ModelATL/Hopojo.com



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