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Celebs Who Started Out As Models


Many celebrities have used modeling as a gateway to other opportunities in the entertainment industry.  From singers and small-screen stars to some of the biggest names in the movie business, many celebs used modeling as a way to get their names (and faces) out there on their journey to stardom.  Here is a list of […]

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5 Fun Hobbies That Will Help Your Modeling Career


What better way to improve and develop your modeling skills than while you’re having fun? Modeling is an incredibly multi-faceted career, and that means a whole assortment of skills are necessary to be great at it. Not only do you need to be healthy for the physical demands of shoots and being on your feet […]


Featured Model: Paola Quezada


Paola is an exotic model based in Austin Texas who is experienced in fashion, editorial, lingerie, swimwear, and promotional modeling.  Paola is a very professional model who believes in bringing her “A-Game” to every shoot. Height: 5’5″ Measurements: 30b-23-34 Facebook: Paola Quezada   Photos by Julian Humphries, Red Rogue Studio, and Don BG  

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France Says No To Too-Thin Models


Paris has been well-known as one of the fashion capitals of the world so when the French government passed a law in 2017 banning excessively-thin models from the runway, it caused quite a stir in the fashion world. The French government’s law put a ban on excessively thin models on the runway, and will subject […]

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How to Model Lingerie


Professional model Jill Billingsley demonstrates the difference between Glamour Lingerie Modeling and Fashion Lingerie Modeling while giving you tips on how to pose in lingerie in order to get the best shots.

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What Are Your Modeling Limits?


As a model in any genre you will have limits and you will have to to learn to set, enforce, and perhaps adjust those modeling limits. Modeling limits can range from what styles you shoot, to what you’ll be wearing (or not wearing), to those regarding personal preferences such as not wearing fur or not […]


Featured Model: Lea Laverne


  Lea Laverne, also known as Mogul Mommy, is a multi-faceted fashion model and entrepreneur.  More than just a pretty face, Lea is currency trader as well as an expert in social media marketing.  This mother of two also enjoys dancing and writing when she’s not ripping runways….and she’s a pretty hot rapper to boot (check […]


Modeling 101: How To Market Yourself


Knowing how to market yourself is key to having a successful career in the modeling industry. You need to be able to show who you are as a professional and have the right tools to make a mark with agents, managers, photographers, and potential clients. Here are a few tips to help you market yourself as […]

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10 Fake Instagram Model Tricks Exposed


    Wondering how those Instagram models always look so pretty, slim, attractive, and always have the best butts in the world?  From different ways to fake an inner thigh gap, to having the world’s flattest stomach, these are 10 fake Instagram fitness model tricks exposed!


Featured Model: Miki Entre


Miki Entre is a strikingly beautiful model with experience in fashion, editorial, promo, lingerie, and art modeling.  She has an easy-going personality but she truly lights up when she’s in front of the camera.  She’s open to all categories of modeling and those striking eyes light up every photo she’s in. Stats Height: 5’4″ Measurements: […]

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Fashion Wine Up “Air” Fashion Show


The ad for this fashion show said “this is not your grandma’s fashion show”, and that tagline couldn’t be more on point! Developed by Cake N Bacon Productions as a fusion of a fashion show and a wine tasting, Fashion Wine Up has developed into a unique event where talented independent designers can showcase their latest designs while the audience is […]

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How to Put Together Your Model Portfolio


    Your portfolio is basically your resume as a model.  It’s the first thing that agencies, photographers, and potential clients want to see.  This video from Trudi Tapscott gives your some insight on how to put together a portfolio that will highlight your strengths as a mode and help get you booked.