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Celebs Who Started Out As Models


Many celebrities have used modeling as a gateway to other opportunities in the entertainment industry.  From singers and small-screen stars to some of the biggest names in the movie business, many celebs used modeling as a way to get their names (and faces) out there on their journey to stardom.  Here is a list of […]


Featured Model: Addison Bigg


There’s nothing average about Addison Bigg!  The statuesque beauty towers over most women at 5’10”, but she is one of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. She got her unofficial start in modeling at 13 when her parents wanted professional images of their children and hired a photographer.  “He made the experience super fun and kept […]

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Modeling Tips For Your First Photoshoot


This is a great video if you’re a newbie model (or photographer) and you want to know what to expect for your first shoot.


Photo Shoot Professionalism


Being a successful model is not just about your looks and how well you can rip a runway.   How you conduct yourself at photo shoots can make a big difference in whether you get referred or refused for the next modeling gig.  Here are some simple tips to make sure you stay on their […]

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Gigi Hadid Reveals the Secret to Her Signature Runway Walk


In a short film by Steven Brahms, model Gigi Hadid explains the intense training she puts herself through before hitting the runway. Watch and learn.


7 Things Successful Models Have in Common


These days, models come in all shapes, sizes, heights, ethnicities, and ages. There are fashion models, runway models, commercial models, fitness models, and hand models. You can get scouted at an agency, at the mall, and even online. The modeling industry is more diverse than ever, and there’s obviously no one-size-fits-all formula for making it as […]

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Implied Nude Portraiture with Matt & Steph


Matt Granger and model Stephanie show you how shoot implied nude portraits that are classy, artistic, and safe for social media.

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Urban Art x Urban Fashion Pt 2


This is the second installation of our Urban X Art fashion editorial series where we mix urban art (aka graffiti) and urban fashion.  This series is called “L5P” which stands for Little Five Points, because that is the name of the Atlanta GA neighborhood where these beautiful graffiti murals can be found. Little Five Points, […]


Featured Model: Anna Apostolova


Anna Apostolova is a Ukrainian model based in Boston Massachusetts. Height: 5’9″ Measurements: 34-24-35   all photos are property of their respective copyright owners    

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Fitness Fashion Gone Retro


With today’s emphasis on living healthier lifestyles, society seems to be a bit obsessed with fitness, and the fitness-inspired fashion that comes along with it.  It seems that every woman you meet has at least one pair of yoga pants as her go-to for any casual outfit. Even with today’s fitness obsession, and all the fashion […]

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What The Original Supermodels Look Like Today


These days when someone says the word “supermodel,” you probably think of young beauties like Gigi Hadid, or the latest Instagram stars. But before this new crop of models, there were the original supermodels — legends in the industry who walked the high fashion runways and graced magazine cover after magazine cover. Not many models […]

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What To Expect At A Model Audition


Starting off on your journey to be the next supermodel?  Here are some tips on what to expect when you go for a casting call or modeling audition.

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