Do Beauty Pageants Help Your Modeling Career


Beauty pageants have been around for centuries now and they are not slowing down anytime soon! Many people question the intentions and values of beauty pageants because they feel that it simply teaches young women to be vain and self absorbed. However, that is actually one of the biggest misconception out there about pageants!

Although pageants do contain a heavy emphasis on being physically attractive, they do instill other values within participants that are extremely beneficial to them as models.  The question is: Do beauty pageants help make you a better fashion model? And, the answer is yes! This article is going to give you three reasons why it would be beneficial to compete in a beauty pageant when considering modeling!


This is one of the most controversial components of a beauty pageant;  the fact that physical appearance is one of the most important factors.  This may easily be perceived as negative because one might interpret that they are judging the winner solely on the basis of how physically attractive they are, but that is not the case. The judges are actually judging the participants on how well they are able to present themselves.

Most beauty pageants have categories like evening wear (which showcases your elegance and poise), swimwear (which showcases your fitness), interview questions (which showcase your knowledge and grace under pressure) and talent (which showcases, well…, you talents!).  A pageant  participant may be drop dead gorgeous but can lose a pageant to a participant who is less attractive but more able to showcase her qualities and talents.  Like the saying goes, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.


When you compete in a beauty pageant, you have to jump through a lot of hoops! There is an audition, preliminary rounds, lots of practicing,  and then the actual competition! You have to cover pageant costs, travel, invest in expensive gown and pageant outfits, and maintain your body and fitness.

By getting accustomed to the idea of having to do invest in yourself order to achieve your goals, you are preparing yourself for the very cut throat world of modeling.  The fashion industry is very competitive and requires a lot of grinding and ambition, so you’d better be ready!


Believe it or not, beauty pageants involve many forms of modeling: commercial, editorial and runway! You are required to do a photo shoots which will give you an intro to fashion, commercial, and editorial modeling.  You are required walk on a runway which is an intro to fashion shows, a staple of any successful modeling career!

Even the outfit categories have their counterparts in to modeling industry; Evening gown categories ready you for high fashion and catalog modeling and swimsuit categories ready you for fitness and swimsuit modeling.

There are a lot more ways that beauty pageants can help you as a model (boosting self-esteem, helping you be comfortable in front of crowds, etc), but you get the idea.  If you’re a model and you have the opportunity to be in a pageant, go for it!  It will give you valuable insight and experience that you will be able to use on your journey to becoming the world’s best model.


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