Featured Model: Aliyah Raw


Aliyah is a Georgia-based aspiring model and Youtube personality with experience in fashion, catalog, fitness, lingerie, glamour, and art modeling.  She has a tattoo across her shoulders that says “Live the life you love, Love the life you live” and it seems that Aliyah is doing everything to live according to that mantra.


Height: 5’4″

Measurements: 32b-25-32

Dress: 2

Pants: 1-3

Shoe: 6.5-7

Instagram: @aliyah.raw

Youtube: Princess Love Loxs

Twitter: @aliyahraw


Who do you look up to in the modeling industry?

In the modeling industry I look up to Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Bella Hadid, Indya Marie, Rihanna.

What would you consider your best features?

My face, eyes, and my abs when they’re toned.

How do you stay in shape?

Although I’m naturally toned, I stay in shape by being active and staying outdoors. 

What would be your ideal photoshoot?

My Ideal photoshoot is a natural/ artistic photo shoot in which I can showcase my locs; preferably tribal/ native/ indigenous American themed.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I ever received is to never give up, to trust in God, and the law of attraction. If you have a vision, it’s up to you to execute that vision, and turn that vision into reality.

What’s the most expensive item of clothing you’ve ever bought?

The most expensive thing(s) in my wardrobe are my wigs! I love to be versatile in this industry, unfortunately that means countless wigs. My wigs can run anywhere from $20.00-$150.00. I have about 10 wigs in my collection so far, I would estimate spending close to $600.00 on all of them collectively.

What are 2 things on your bucket list?

Moving to California, and becoming a successful Youtuber.

Ok, you just got elected president of the United States. What’s the first thing you do?

The first thing I’m doing as President Aliyah Rawles is legalizing Mary Jane everywhere! 

What’s your advice for girls/women who want to become models?

My advice for girls and women who want to model is don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams, and practice makes perfect.

What is one thing you wish people knew about you?

One thing I wish people knew about me is I’m a spiritual hippie. I’m very loving, free-spirited, and peaceful. I love God, spirituality, crystals, magic, tarot etc. If ever there is something in my environment that limits me or restricts me, it has to be removed or cut out.





Photos: Harold Greaves/H Greaves Photography


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