Featured Model: Candy Stackz


Candy Stackz is a former pageant queen and aspiring model who aims to use her modeling platform to shed a light on the issue of human trafficking.  This beautiful model/activist, who is also a college graduate, wants to be able to help bring positive body imagery to the modeling industry in order to help young girls feel good about themselves and be comfortable in their own skins.

Candy is experienced in both print and runway modeling and has also done voice-over work, music videos, and a number of small roles in television and movies.

Height: 5″7″

Measurements: 34b-24-36

Instagram: Candy Stackz

Blog: Let’s Talk Sugar


Why did you get into modeling?

I got into modeling through pageantry. Throughout middle school and high school, I competed in the Miss America and Miss USA system. This opened the door for me to enter into the modeling world. When I first started modeling it gave me a great deal of self-confidence. I want to encourage and promote girls to be self-confident, to be themselves, and most importantly self-love. Furthermore, as a future established and published model I would like to use my modeling to help advocate my platform of stopping human trafficking. Overall I want to be a positive role model in my community, and by modeling, I can accomplish that. Last but not least, I have the ability to adapt, network, and market. I feel that I would be a great asset to any photographer, clothing line, or brand.

Who do you look up to in the modeling industry?

In the modeling industry I look up to Winnie Harlow and Chanel Iman, These are both two models that embrace their uniqueness the same way I embrace mine.

Do you think that the modeling industry promotes positive body images for women? 

I do believe that modeling promotes a positive image for men and women because in this time models are more unique and different. Certain flaws are being embraced by very popular models, and it gives girls an example to love themselves and embrace their flaws.

What would you consider your best feature?

My best feature would be my smile and freckles. I had braces for eight years, and they used to call me giraffe in school because of my freckles.

What would be your ideal photoshoot?

My nickname is Candy. My ideal photo shoot will be a candy land fairy fantasy scene. In this shoot, I will be wearing a Swarovski crystal tiara. It will be an implied nude, and I will body painted with rhinestone accents. The background will have cotton candy and magical clouds.

What brand would you most like to represent and why?

Chanel. It’s simple, classy, and chic like me!

What’s a typical outfit for you when you’re not modeling?

Crop-tops, jeggings, and slides. I try to stay bedazzled.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about you?

I wish people knew how big my heart is, and how I want to save the world.


Photos: Harold Greaves/H Greaves Photography

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