Featured Model: Destiny Cruzado


There are certain people that you know you’re going to like as soon as you meet them!  Maybe it’s their aura, or that ethereal thing we call their “energy”, maybe it’s the way they smile even when talking about the simplest things, or maybe they just have “it”.  “It” is that unmeasurable quality, that appeal that just draws you to a person for reasons you may not know or understand.  Some people work very hard to develop it and cultivate it and some people just have “it” effortlessly.  Destiny Cruzado has “it”!

Destiny is a model based in Nashville Tennessee who is petite but packed with talent.  She is a mixture of humility and confidence and she is climbing the ranks in the modeling industry.  She is professional and driven, but still down-to-earth and not stuck up on the fact that she has a pretty face and a body that so many models would kill for.

Destiny works as a brand ambassador and promo model and she is available for hiring so book her now while you can!  She is easy to work with and open to all genres of modeling.  We had the opportunity to talk with Destiny and she opened up to us about her life and her journey in the modeling business so far.  Check out this very sexy interview with Destiny:

Instagram: @destiny.cruzado

Photos/Video: Harold Greaves/H Greaves Photography @hgreavesphotog


Destiny is featured in this shot with her best friend KC, who is also a model based in Nashville Tenn. You can check out KC’s model feature and exclusive interview here.


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