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Healthy Model Habits


Models know how important it is to stay healthy and in shape. Looking your best starts with being kind to yourself, and being kind to yourself is all about treating yourself right. Here are a few tips to model healthy habits that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Eat real food.
Fruits, veggies, lean meats, fresh fish, whole grains… These are real foods. Staying in shape and healthy requires a balance of fresh items in your diet. Check out a food pyramid and try to balance all of your snacks and meals with the recommended amounts of each food type saving sweets for special occasions.

Work it.
Get moving and keep moving! Whether you are a gym warrior or you’d rather hang at the beach with your friends this summer, there are plenty of ways to add movement to your day. Go for a walk or a swim, take stairs instead of an elevator, anything that keeps you moving.

Catch zzz’s.
Getting plenty of sleep is a key to success with any lifestyle. Whether the night before a big test at school or a photo shoot, sleeping enough will help you be ready to perform your best and tackle any challenges that come your way throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated.
Drinking water isn’t just good for you, it’s great for you! Water keeps your skin clear and is a staple part of every model’s daily diet. Plain old water not your thing? Reach for a sparkling water, make a cup of tea or even a flavored water (just be careful to check how much sugar you are drinking to make sure you won’t crash from a sugar rush later).

Start a skincare regimen.
Between polaroids and go sees, models spend a lot of time wearing very little makeup. A good skincare routine can leave you with a dewy glow that foundation can’t touch. Start with a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer then go from there. DIY face masks or mild scrubs can be a great addition depending on your skin type so do a little research and test different things to find the right mix for you.


article by Kristina Anderson

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