Modeling 101: How To Market Yourself


Knowing how to market yourself is key to having a successful career in the modeling industry. You need to be able to show who you are as a professional and have the right tools to make a mark with agents, managers, photographers, and potential clients. Here are a few tips to help you market yourself as a professional model:

Know exactly where you fit in the industry and where you are most marketable

Do your research and make sure you know where your look and abilities are most sought after in the industry. A few examples of industry options could include commercial modeling, fashion modeling, fitness modeling, catalogue or specialty modeling.

Create a book appropriate for your market


Be sure your portfolio shows a variety of looks that  fit within your market. If you are looking to work as a commercial model, it does not necessarily make sense to have loads of high fashion or swimwear shots in your book.

Have a composite card

A comp card is a model’s business card. This postcard sized handout of images and model measurements will be something you can leave behind with potential clients to help them remember you.

Get experience wherever you can

Whether you are offering to do time-for-print (tfp) work for a photo project or volunteer promotional work for a non-profit event, you should seize every job opportunity to learn and network.  It will help you gain experience and get you name (and face) out there more.

Be professional at every job

Agents, managers, photographers,  and clients talk. Always be professional when you are working at a job. Show up early if an agency wants to meet since arriving late can affect someone’s perception of your professionalism.

Use Social Media

Social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are good ways to put your name out there and create an online page that shows projects you have been working on and what your modeling capabilities are. The key to using social sites for work is to be sure you represent yourself professionally and as you would want prospective clients to view you.

Be confident and be yourself

Personality is a huge part of working in the modeling industry. Always be sure you are letting your personality shine through and stay confident and true to yourself.  It’s true when they say that the most attractive thing about any model is their confidence

portions culled from Barbizon Insider

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