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Urban Art x Urban Fashion Pt 2


This is the second installation of our Urban X Art fashion editorial series where we mix urban art (aka graffiti) and urban fashion.  This series is called “L5P” which stands for Little Five Points, because that is the name of the Atlanta GA neighborhood where these beautiful graffiti murals can be found. Little Five Points, […]

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Urban Art x Urban Fashion


Atlanta GA is the unofficial home of one of America’s best street art scenes.  From the Beltline Trail to Little Five Points, the work of some of the areas best street artists can be seen plastered across walls all over the city.  Since Atlanta is also home to one of the largest emerging urban fashion […]

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A Model’s Guide to Body Painting


    So you’ve been hired to work with a bodypaint artist, but you are wondering… how should I prepare? What should I expect? What should I bring? Now, this will vary from artist to artist, but here are some general guidelines to go by: Arrive well hydrated and well fed. If you starve yourself […]

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Do You Need To Pose Nude To Be A Successful Model?


The fashion industry has a long standing infatuation with nudity. It’s celebrated, it’s critiqued, and it’s always a topic of conversation. It’s used to shock, to express, and it’s used to sell. But with our movement toward a more liberal way of life, is it becoming an expectation that models pose topless or even nude […]

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